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We manufacture rivets in accordance with applicable standards and in order to fit individual customer demands. Our company supplies rivets for automotive, agriculture and furniture industries. We offer multipurpose rivets made of general-purpose constructional steel and stainless steel. The diameter range of forged rivets encompasses rivets from 2 mm to 10 mm. We also manufacture rolled profiles with a diameter of up to 20 mm.

Name Standard Range Drawing
Round head rivet PN-88/M-82952 DIN 660 ISO 1051 Ø5 - Ø10
Cheese head rivet   Ø5 - Ø10
Flat head semi-tubular rivet DIN 6791 Ø5 - Ø10
Mushroom head semi-tubular rivet PN-80/M-82975 Ø5 - Ø10
Cheese head semi-tubular rivet PN-80/M-82976 DIN 7338 Ø5 - Ø10
Cheese head stepped rivet max Ø10
Rivet pin max Ø20
Flanged rivet max Ø10